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Essential visits in Salamanca

Walking along the narrow stone pavement in Salamanca city centre, you will be feeling the beauty of its monuments and architectural wonders , the hospitality of its inhabitants, the youthful atmosphere of students from the Pontifical University ...

Considered World Heritage Site , Salamanca is one of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish Renaissance period, the students city par excellence. Not only does it offer a lot of bars and tapas, nice terraces and outdoor spaces to tourists, but also art and beauty to be discovered.
The University and the frog
Undoubtedly, its main attraction is the frog that is hidden in the plateresque facade of the University, whom students look because it is supposed to help them to pass exams and whom tourists try to find to enjoy good luck.

Plaza Mayor
The Main Square or Plaza Mayor is the reference point, decorated with arches and medallions remembering the capital’s historical past and whose epicentre is the clock.

Do not forget to taste traditional tapas! Leaving Salamanca without having tasted a tapa, some beer or an excellent glass of wine is a true sin.

Santa Marta de Tormes
Emperatriz Hotels has a hotel in Santa Marta de Tormes, a town on the outskirts of Salamanca that stands out for its tranquility and its beautiful landscapes.

The natural environment of the Tormes river can be discovered in a pleasant walk, watching closely its islands and the native vegetation.